Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time to Cut the (Vanity) Cord!

So last month a bunch of us went to see High School Musical 3 - and when I say a bunch, I mean mostly kids! And whilst this was an enjoyable experience, let me relay to you an incident which was a precursor for the evening.

As we're turning into St Vital Mall, my daughter says to me "Oh, I forgot my sweater at Dino's". I answered with something to the effect of well, that's too bad but I'm not going back for it now. We're almost there, people are meeting us to eat, why would I go back? In typical 8 year old drama Queen fashion, she starts to cry, and bawl, and sob....and yada yada like its the end of the world - which of course, is isn't.

She tells me that she doesn't want to go to the movie now? WHAT?!? There's like 16 people coming. She continues to grumble and complain that she doesn't have her sweater. Her friend notices she's grumpy and asks why. I don't know Nicholas, why don't you ask her. He does, she doesn't answer.

The punchline, if you can call it that - she wants her sweater because it can cover up her belly button in case anyone might see it (cause ya know, that's what everybody's gonna be staring at in the theatre instead of ogling Zac Efron)! I couldn't believe it! Belly button, the cord of life! Well cut the cord kid. I tried gently to explain to her that really, its not that big of a deal, nobody's going to care (if they even see it - why would they, her shirt covered it up) and I gave her my sweater and she was happy. I couldn't help but thinking when all was said and done was vanity at its best!

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