Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Earning My Badges!

My daughter is in her second year of Brownies and in Brownies, girls have the ability to earn badges for doing various and sundry activities. Some activities are done in their Brownie unit while others can be done on their own. Since this is her final year in Brownies, we have been discussing whether or not she wanted to go up into Guides, the next Girl Guide level for girls aged 9-12. She was adamant that she did not want to go into Guides - and neither did her friend Carmen.

While out shopping one night, we had a conversation and I relayed to her how thrilled I would be if I could do an activity that would earn me badges like she does in Brownies. I love badges and have too few of them. Sure I have no real particular use for them but that doesn't stop my coveting them.

A few nights later I was again out shopping, this time sans my daughter. When I came home, she was still up, much to my chagrin. Well she had made me something that she wanted to show me. She had written up a contract of sorts. The contract, which I had to sign, stipulated that when I read 3 chapter books or found 50 geocaches, she would present me with a badge! Badges which she had made herself. I was tickled pink and of course signed the contact immediately.

About a week or two later, she presented me with my first badge for reading 3 books! The 50 caches, well, that'll take a bit longer!

As far as Girl Guides goes, she had decided to do it after all. Once I showed her the website with the different badges she could earn, she was hooked!

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