Wednesday, November 5, 2008, American eh? History in the Making!

I am Canadian, have lived in Canada all my life and am proud to be Canadian. But last night, I sure was proud to be a human being.

As I watched the events of last night's historical election unfold, I was overcome with many emotions! And it was historical, indeed, no matter which candidate you supported. The emotions on these people's faces was clear and vivid and I felt it too. Yes, I too, shed a few tears as Reverend Jackson, Ann Nixon Cooper (I cannot even begin to fathom her thoughts on last night) and many others did! I can't imagine how Ann Nixon Cooper felt last night and I would give a lot to know what Martin Luther King Jr. would have to say about it. It was a "never forget where you were when you heard..." moment. I think most of us only have a few of those - I have two! (9/11 and now last night)

I'm not overly big into politics but yet it fascinates me and what happened last night - the emotions, the frenzy, the excitment, the patriotism doesn't even come close to comparing with the Canadian federal election almost just one month ago. It was riveting and exciting and I'm sure that many of us thought we'd never see the day that an African American man would be President of what many call the greatest country in the world! The passion and intensity was palpable and I am so glad I was able to witness it and part of me is sorry I wasn't able to take part in it.

McCain's speech was very good and gracious indeed and I've seen more than one comment to the effect of "if he'd been like that throughout the campaign, the outcome may have been different." Obama's speech was equally as good, if not amazing, IMHO! A lot of things are wrong in our world but if we've come this far since Ann Nixon Cooper was born, then we can go a little farther indeed! Yes We Can - and not just as the United States of America but humanity as a whole!

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