Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Don't Dance, I Know You Can, Not A Chance...

...if I can do this well, you can do that but I don't dance...

Not that that has anything to do with this blog post but it's it in my head so I'll put it down for posterity.

So, its 2008. Meh. But maybe not so much. Maybe it can be the beginning of really great things. Like Resolutions. Oh, we all make them. Don't tell me you don't. I've made some and I intend to stick to them. Some of them are pretty mediocre and insignificant enough but doing them, make my life complete. And here they are:

- Cut out the damn slurpee's. Or at least cut back. Since the new year, I've had one. Today. That's it. The no slurpee's includes drinking more water. Must do it. And I have been. Unfortunately for me, it's flavored water that I drink. I just can't bring myself to drink plain old boring water. I find it tasteless and therefore I don't want to drink it.

- Get out and walk more. I need more exercise, hell who doesn't. And my goal is to walk in the 10km of the Manitoba Marathon this year. So far, I did the Resolution Run (8 km) on January 1st. Went for another 5 or so km walk with my Dad the next day and have walked another 3 times or so since then. Not always 8km but getting some exercise at any rate.

- Read - I love to read and I always feel better when I'm reading a good book. I started reading more again at the end of 2007 and on have kept a running list of what I'm reading and what I want to read on my facebook account.

- Organization - I need to be more organized in my life. Like with housework and stuff. I admit it, I hate housework but I need to do it and I think that getting more exercise, drinking more water and eating better (did I mention that yet?) will contribute to me having more energy to do more stuff around my house, specifically after my kids go to bed. Yes, it's 10:38, why do you ask? Oh, they *are* in bed and I've done some laundry and cleaned the bathroom since then.

- Blog, blog, blog. Yep, I need to blog more.

- 1000 Finds. I'd like to hit my 1000th find by the end of this year if I can. I even know which cache I want to do for 1000: Hulda Ostman. I hear it's a great location and I want to go there.

There. Now its down so I can't go back on them now. And now, I'm off to clean the cat boxes and put some laundry in the dryer. Til next time, ta ta!

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