Monday, June 18, 2007

Corsari Anyone?

I love card games. I love board games. I think I always have but I never realize just how much until I am playing them.

I grew up with Crib and Canasta. I spent countless hours watching my mother and her siblings play crib and I spent just as many countless hours watching my father's family playing canasta. Watching and learning as I went.

As I got older, I spent even more countless hours *playing* canasta with my Grandmother Thelma, never once winning a game (I don't think) but playing for the sheer enjoyment of it. If she was still alive (Rest her soul), you could ask her if I was ever a bad loser and she would tell you with conviction that not once was I ever, unlike her son, my dad who would throw the cards away if he lost. That is not so unlike my daughter either but I have told her this story many times trying to teach her a lesson about sportsmanship and sometimes I even think it is sinking in. Just last night we played Go Fish and some Skip-Bo and she actually didn't throw a crying fit if she lost (which she did) and then got a tad upset when she lost the last game!

Fast forward a few years until just last month when out in Brampton visiting some friends of mine. My friend Kim and I used to come home from the barn rather and play a card game called "Spit" and eat rancho Cool Ranch for hours! So when visiting her in Barrie last month, we played cards for hours only it was a new game called "Corsari" whish she introduced to me and I took to it like a duck on water. I couldn't wait to play this game when I got back home!

Time warp to home. Can I find this game in Winnipeg? That would be a no. JoGo, a local games place has special ordered it for me but since its back ordered with the distributor, there is no guarantee they will get it in. E-Bay has it definitely. If you want to pay shipping and customs charges, that is. Kim's brother can apparently get it as he got it for her but he's in Vancouver so who knows when that might happen. I can order it from a place in Kitchener for the low, low price of $24, when the regular price is only about $12.


My good sportsmanship is starting to wear thin and I may just throw my next deck of cards across the room in frustration.

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