Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Saturday in the Life of T!

**Our plan this morning was to go on a Family Fun Walk at the Forks sponsored by Prairie Pathfinders and the Winnipeg Trails Association. Well I got up late after not realizing it wasn't my morning to get up with the kids so we got off to a late start. My daughter, for the record, dressed in jeans and a long sleeved T-shirt. Its 16 outside and only supposed to get hotter but geez child, its summer out there. I never said a word to her. The walk was great, about 45 mins or so across to Stephen Juba park and back and then ice cream! Never let it be said that you can't have ice cream for breakfast! Whose momma never told them that at least once?

**Since we're so close, we have to find a cache doncha know? After all, it is *always* about geocaching. Off to the nearby A Splash Cache for OHMIC (which I will *not* link too as it seems to be having some issues) and life was good. Q! made the find and it was a good thing too for a) there were many beez buzzing around and I can't say I'm all that fond of the creatures and b) I had to keep an eye on my son from not only throwing the rocks into the river but himself as well. Success all around! Decided to walk to the nearby cache of the infamous Junglehair (who is *not* to be associated with the website). As we walked by the Cathedral, some sort of ceremony was obviously taking place in the cemetary. Was there something special about June 16? Anyways, noticed that the home of the cache (which we did not end up finding) was relatively close to what was obviously somebody's sleeping quarters, something which we had to explain to our daughter who I'm sure could not quite grasp the concept (Hannah Taylor she isn't). At that point we reached the playstructure at which time my son decided he needed to go to the bathroom like *now*. There I was with my son holding his shorts which was effectively holding what just came out of his bladder. No, Gavin, you can't go on the play structure now, you're all wet. This rather abruptly ended our outing.

**We had one more stop we needed to make. SportMart on the hunt for Crocs or some variation thereof. I had heard a friend got hers at a dollar store (obviously a cheap imitation but hey, whatever works) so after a quick lunch at home, off we went in search of alligators, erm, crocs, I mean. Buckaroo's first which had quite the selection but none to fit my daughter's feet or mine but lo and behold the perfect black pair for my son who is almost impossible to buy sandals for and at $3.98, what a bargain. Oh, did I mention 2 minutes after leaving the house, Tana pipes up "I'm sorry but I have to go to the bathroom." Okay, what part of us saying go to the bathroom before we leave didn't you understand? Back home, SportMart (which btw had no kids crocs which they had advertized in their flyer but they did have hockey sticks on sale). Where to now, as time is wearing on on this Saturday? SportChek! BINGO!!! Crocs, the real live expensive ones in a vast array of colors and sizes. My desire to pay the $$ for the Crocs was minimal but it seemed our choices were limited at this point so buy we did and off we went. And both my kids wore those alligators almost to the minute they went to bed.

And now I need a snack....

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