Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Randomness (though some of it is not so random)

* I need a goal. I need more exercise. I need to stop intaking so much caffeine (i.e. slurpees). I've decided I want to participate in next year's Manitoba Marathon in the 10k walk. I am going to sign up for some 5k walks to begin with through the Running Room. One is in September and one is in October. I feel that a 10k walk is something I can accomplish rather than running. I enjoy walking. To accomplish this goal, I need an MP3 player. Please send money.

So far, I haven't had a slurpee since Sunday and I had one glass of coke on Monday nite, a chocolate bar and an Iced Cappucino yesterday (not at the same time, I must point out). Not bad.

* My father in law is in the hospital. Its just grand when a relative visits that place which is all goodness - NOT! Its just stress du jour if you ask me. He's been moved from the Emergency Dept up to a ward so we are taking the kidlets to see him tonight. In a room there is less opportunity for my 3 year old to pull anybody's hoses out...and I kid you not! My son is an accident waiting to happen. My mantra to him is "Its a good thing you're so cute otherwise you'd be really annoying."

* Speaking of my son, I get to spend the day with him tomorrow as his daycare is closed for the day. We are going to go shopping in the morning to pick out some water gun type of contraptions. I scoped them out myself last night so I've a good idea what to get. We also have to jaunt over to a garden centre to get a gift certificate for my daughter's teacher. It's that time of year when you need to get them a gift. Doubled with the fact that she is retiring. She must be jumping for joy right about now, but I digress. At noon, we are going to pick up his friend Kylie and go for lunch and then maybe bowling. At 3:30 we pick up Kylie's brother, Nicholas & Tana (my daughter for those playing along at home), and go for a swim at Grandma & Grandpa's and ostensibly to try out the water guns. Knew there was a reason for the purchase didn't you? Should be a good day.

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