Thursday, November 26, 2009

Putting Myself Out There!

Here I am on Day 6 of the 60 Day Challenge and one day after the weekly Wednesday weigh in. Yes, I should have taken this pic *before* I started the challenge but ah, I forgot. See the bulge in the middle there? Yeah, that one. That's what I'm trying to get rid of. Its been there for a while, for too long so slowly I'm working on it. And I got a compliment today from someone who said I looked great and that just made my day! (Thank you if you are reading this!)

At my weigh in yesterday I was down from 128.7 to 128 - a -7 decrease and I will take it! I also noticed today how my sides look a bit different, more defined. This too, makes me feel good, makes it seem like I'm actually doing something and its paying off.

Just like everyone else who is trying to be healthier, I can only do what I can do. I can't go to the gym for hours on end, everyday but I sure can take a class or two and turn on that EA Sports Active - More Workouts and get a good workout and get my blood pumping and sweat my little heart out! And I could probably do more. There's definitely no "last chance" workouts in my future but I sure admire the people that do them. They inspire me to at least do what I can do, for ME! I do a lot for my family , especially my kids and it can be exhausting. But since I've been doing more for me, I sure feel a lot better about doing things for them. Going for that 6km walk isn't going to make me feel guilty because I need to do it for me and for them and its something that I can feel good about! And for you "sisters" who've been doing the turkey trots and the 5 k runs lately, I cannot tell you how inspiring that is also! Keep it moving because you are inspiring others to want to get up and move just like I hope I am inspiring others to move.

And on that note, its getting late and I must get thee to bed! The morning comes early and I have a date with a certain Wii! Nite!

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