Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PC Chips Be Damned!

And they should be damned, they are *sooo* good! But that's neither here or there.

Remember last week when I weighed in at +3.3 (132.7) lbs and was freaked out and was sure it was an anomaly? Well this am in my haziness I hopped on and my weight is now 128.7 for a difference of......(Price is Right style, where's Bob Barker when you need him?)....-4 lbs!! Squee!

And I should be down. I've been walking like a maniac, Zumba'ing and trying my best to stay active. Since last week, I've logged 33.31 miles and am hoping to keep racking that up!

The best part is I feel so much better! I find myself not getting so tired in the middle of the day and not wanting to crash on the couch early in the evening! Its great and I'm going to keep going so yay me!

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Q! said...

Yay you indeed! Good work babe!