Friday, May 8, 2009

Just Some Links

In my wanderings around this great massive thing called the internet, I have been coming across a lot of links that I find interesting (especially through twitter, some really interesting articles, tidbits I never would have seen otherwise). So I've been sending myself emails with said links and now I've accumulated a few of these emails and you just know I'm doing to delete, one if not all of them when I don't intend to. So here's a post putting them all together. Oooh, what fun!!

Shabby Princess - I need to learn some digi scrappin before I start my free online class.
Another digi scrappin' blog is here. Looks interesting.
The Daily Digi.
Ready Made. Downloadable (free) posters!
Heritage Makers

For now, I guess that's all. I reserve the right to edit this post as I see fit. And since it is my blog and all. Suggestions are welcome.

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