Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Beefs & Bouquets!

You decide this one: Its 3 degrees outside on April 23. Beef? Bouquet? Yeah, 'nuff said!

- A huge bouquet to the Chicago Blackhawks and Calgary Flames for playing some awesome hockey in their first round series (the best series so far IMHO) and providing me with total entertainment.

- I'm kinda beefed at the organizers for my daughter's soccer. When I registered, I was told they would play Tuesday's, Thursday's and some Sunday's. Okay. So I plan my life accordingly. I get the schedule last night to find no Sunday games but instead 2 *Saturday* games. Gah. I'm pretty sure I almost blew a blood vessel I was so annoyed. I guess I must have missed the memo on that one (oh, c'mon, we all know there was no memo but somebody somewhere decides to change things). Good thing it doesn't interfere with the swimming lessons that we have on Saturday's...

- MTS TV - Okay, get with the program. They finally get PVR service and are "rolling' it out slowly to select areas in Winnipeg. What is their definition of slowly, like next century? They can't even give me an estimated date of when it might be available to us. They are way behind the 8 ball on this one if you ask me but I looked into switching to Shaw and its just not worth it, I don't think. But, darn it, I'm tired of recording things on a VCR, I want to be tapeless (and shut up, Scott).

- Caching without looking like the abominable snowman. Gotta love it. Gotta love going out caching again, too! I missed it in the winter but it was too cold for me. Kudos to those of you who cache when its -500 outside.

- And speaking of caching, I'm totally looking forward to our return trip to Calgary this year! There's two scrapbooking stores less thatn 10 km from a Provincial Park which contains many caches. Can you saw squee??

- The swimming lessons I mentioned above? The kids love going which I am very thankful for. When we took Tana when she was much younger, she wasn't fond of it. I think her Instructor just dealt with her in the wrong fashion (she admitted to that) and it freaked her out but she seems happy enough to go now for which I am thrilled about.

- And its Friday. And payday. What could be a better bouquet than that?

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Scott said...

Tapes?! Gawd. Get with it. This is the digital age, sister.