Monday, April 20, 2009

Binging & Purging

And not the eating kind either, thank heavens.

No, I'm going through the paper that's accumulated in our house. Specifically the kids school paper work. There's so much of it and I really can't keep it all or else I would drown in a sea of paper, I'm very sure. I read Ali Edwards blog and she (and along with many others that have left comments) have some really great ideas for keeping those "must have" school items. I also like her idea of combining it into a 12 x 12 scrapbook binder type and integrating different page protectors into it. You can read about that here. Now, if only I could buy a whack of albums for a good price, I'd be all set for that!

Currently I have a pizza box for each Grade labelled for both kids and yesterday, I tackled Tana's Kindergarten box. Keep in mind, that I have already dwindled this stuff down at least once before. She had 4 duotangs full of chants, poems and songs and really, do I need to save those? No likely not so out they went! Its now down to a reasonable sized pile that I can live with and when I get some page protectors (gotta love Dollarama), I can put the good artwork and stuff into those. Whee!! This makes me happy.

What to do with the bigger pieces though? I've heard the suggestion of framing them? Okay, great idea now who wants to bankroll that for me? Framing can be quite expensive and those bigger pieces just can't be scanned properly. I've put some of the bigger pieces up in my scraproom but I just don't have enough wall space to put them all up and they don't stay up on the walls most of the time. What to do? Suggestions (and donations of $$) welcome! :-)

Next up, sorting through those "bigger" pieces and deciding what to keep. Stay tuned!

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