Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here's my baby girl when she was 1 day old. That was 9 years ago yesterday. She's 9 now and wow, I cannot believe it! Time has just flown by like you wouldn't believe. And Tana is everything I could have wanted and more. The little "peanut" who was only 4 and a half pounds when she was born has a spitting personality all her own and she's as sharp as a tack! I love watching the expressions she makes and when she's not happy about something, she sure lets you know it. She loves her brother fiercely, she can read circles around most 5th graders and she cries at sappy movies. She's Katie Hepburn in the making, a writer and an artist and knows just how to push her mother's buttons. She's kind and she's sweet and I am so loving watching how she is growing up! Love you my peanut, never change. Love Mommy.

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