Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Need something fixed?

Just call Repairman Jack!

Okay, okay, you can't really call him but he's a character in some books I've been reading and I've fallen in love with the books...and maybe Jack too! His creator is F. Paul Wilson and Jack doesn't fix appliances, he fixes situations for people outside the law. My friends might say I'm a bit obsessed with Jack but I really enjoy the books and highly recommend them to anybody looking for a new author to read.

Wilson, also known as "The Man" on his forum site, has many other books as well, mainly on the horror genre. His Adversary Cycle is well known and also ties into the Jack books - though if you ask me to explain it, don't expect an answer, I might have an embolism trying to figure some of it out.

Now, git,! And let me know how you enjoy Jack!


Scott said...

I read one of those Repairman Jack novels a couple years ago. I can see how you would enjoy them. I liked it too, but I found his writing to have an amateurish plot delivery. Like reading a really thick Hardy Boys book with swears in it.
I liked the idea of an "off the grid" lifestyle. Maybe I should look into that. I can fix stuff.

T said...

Frick, I need to be notified when comments are left...not that anyone else besides you reads them...

My friend says I am having an unhealthy affair with Jack. However, I have taken a break and am reading "The Winter King" by Bernard Cornwell. It very well may take me the rest of my life to finish it. Its very slow going, even for an Arthurian novel.