Monday, February 1, 2010

28 Day Organizing Challenge

I'll be the very first one to admit, I am not the most organized person at least not in some ways. So I happened upon an organizing challenge (cause I've into the challenges lately) that fits the bill. Its the 28 Day Organizing Challenge hosted by Laura over at her organizing Junkie website! There's different categories and prizes. Now who doesn't like a chance to win a prize?

I've decided to tackle my scrapbooking room. Its messy, its cluttered, its disorganized and it needs help! I love my scrap space as its my own space so I don't feel that it needs to be spic 'n' span but it should be tidier!
This is the view from the door. My shelf is filled with my scrapbook albums, my pictures and various and sundry. The cat likes to scratch her nails on my albums so they've got to be moved higher. Beside my shelf is a card catalogue filled with embellishments and stuff. Another shot of my shelf.

And here's a shot of my workspace and desk. With two small kids, there are tons of papers and crafts that come home. I don't keep everything but I keep enough that it tends to pile up before I file it away. I have a box for each child for each Grade but getting them to each box...well, that's another thing!

This is the shelf above my desk. You can see the knick knacks and crafty stuff the kids have made for me. The baskets below also have a multitude of stuff in them which need to be sorted out!

Stuff, stuff and more stuff. Here's the corner of the room packed with well, you guessed it, stuff. My hubby has promised to put up a lower shelf or two there to help with storage.

This is a newspaper stand which contains a lot of my daughter's scrapbooking/craft stuff.

So that's my room that I hope to have organized by the end of the month. It's already homey, and I hope to make it even more cozy and homey! If there's some space in your home that needs organizing, join me in this challenge. Did I mention that there are prizes up for grabs?

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Q! said...

I can't believe that Boots didn't make her way into one of those pictures of your fortress of solitude!