Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's Roll It All Into One, Shall We?

Rethink Your Shrink!

* I admit to not working out much this past week. I've been to my Zumba class, went for a few walks but haven't made a concerted effort to really get back into it.

* Having said that, I haven't been snacking...much. A little here and there but nothing crazy which is a good thing. Snacking at night is lethal I say!

* My printer is out of ink so my Motivation wall is well, motivationaless. Last night my daughter wanted to print something out and we told her we were out of ink. She proceeded, unbeknown st to us, to leave reminders about Ink in various places around the house such as in my book, on my lamp, on her Dad's lamp and on my closet. I had a very good chuckle about that, even a LOL for realz like and told her so this morning how amused I was.

* Soccer and scheduling is driving me to drink or at least to stress out. I'm a planner and a scheduler and I *hate* not knowing what my schedule is like. I know its a minor thing, but its one of those things that really, really bothers me and stressed me out! We don't have a soccer schedule currently for our daughter who plays indoor soccer. We had the next 2 game sked but that was it. So this upcoming Saturday was going to be a busy day for us with a soccer game in the morning, my son's basketball game at noon, an out of town birthday party and then soccer evaluations at 6. I had it all worked out and then....BAM, they changed our soccer game right smack dab when the birthday party was to start so needless to say, we've cut that out of our day and my daughter is quite disappointed.

* I have been de-cluttering. I've gotten rid of a whole whack of old magazines, some old VHS movies that really if I ever want to see again, I'll just buy or rent the Blu-Ray, some bath toys and other things! Feels great to let some stuff go!

* Alas today is Wednesday and I almost forgot to weigh in this morning. I'm happy to report that I am down 0.9 lbs from 123.5 to 122.6! Check out how everybody else is doing over at the Sisterhood!


Mommy Mo said...

Good job on the loss!

Lisa @ Shrinking Jeans

T said...

Hmm, well my lovely looking post doesn't look so neat and lovely. Suck.

Brooke said...

congrats on the loss! :)

lol @ the ink reminders :P

and i'm with ya on schedules. the hubs is self employed which means if someone calls and says "can i look at property tonight?" plans get dropped. sucks. :(

Christie O. said...

yay!! great job on the loss despite the tough week!!