Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Re-Thinking *My* Shrinking!

Rethink Your Shrink!

It starts today. The Revolution over at ShrinkingJeans. A new challenge to re-shape your mind, body and spirit! And to start the challenge was a weigh in this morning at which I balked, whined and cried about last night on twitter and was threatened with "Don't make me get all Jillian on you!"

And so, 6:20 or so so me rise after staying up *waaayyy* too late last night. My weigh in went thusly:

-Bathroom break, struggle with my clothes for weighing in and stumble into the kitchen where I grab the camera which contains the spare batteries which came out of the Wii Balance Board. Trod downstairs and throw on the light switch. This is a new step for me, as normally the light from the tv is all that is required but with replacing batteries at this God awful hour, its needed. Flick of the tv, press of the Wii power, fumble with the Wii Fit and then struggle with the batteries....and the balance board doesn't turn on. Fuck. Fumble some more, check the tv remote thinking the batteries are dead...only to realize I've put them in wrong (Epic Fail).

At this point the game has started and is ready to go so I clicka clicka away to choose body test, step on and oh Wow, I've reached my goal and lost 119 lbs!!! Whoa, that is some sweet stuff! I also might note that my BMI is pretty much next to nothing, obviously there was an error in initializing....sooooo, let's try that again, one more time with feeling.

Okay, now that's a bit more realistic of a Body Test. 125.7, up 1.4 lbs. Not surprising in the least.

And with that, I can take this new challenge head on! In the next 7 weeks, I'd like to be at 118 lbs! My other goals include:

- Zumba starting next Monday nite!
- More Workouts Tues, Thurs, Fri
- If I can get to the Y once a week and hop on that treadmill and/or elliptical, I'll be pleased as punch!
- 1 walk a week, preferably outside
- Gonna be Bugs Bunny - salads, salads, and more salads

I'll re-define these in the coming days but I'm excited about this and I ask you, what are you going to do to Re-Think Your Shrink?? Join me!


Christy - The Sisterhood said...

So glad you're joining us, but then again, why wouldn't you?! We are so awesome, right :P

Hooker, you are going to rock this challenge!!

*Lissa* said...

Walking outside... brrr!

Great goals!