Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Conversation in My Head

There's me this morning after hitting the snooze button again, lying in bed with the cat curled up all snuggly beside me and me thinking:
I need to get up to weigh myself... as I drift back to sleep once again....

Now fast forward to my hubby shining a flashlight on me saying "You'd better get up, we've had a power outage"
Me: "Huh? What time is it?"
Him: "I have no idea" and off he goes to find out. He shuffles back in "Its a few minutes after 7"
I continue to lay there and then the cat takes off and I ponder:

Gee, I better get up to do my weigh in. Wait, there's no power, I can't fire up the Wii (I use the balance board being blind as a bat, I couldn't possibly read a scale...what am I gonna do? (major dilemma, I know)...

And it was solved by the power coming back on and me galvanizing into action and tromping downstairs to do my ritual. And I wasn't looking for miracles this morning as I knew I'd indulged more than once. What can I say, I'm weak.

But I was pleased to see a .2 decrease, down from 127 to 126.8! I'll take it and work harder this week and not indulge! Any kind of progress is good progress. And really, how can you not be inspired by last night's Biggest Loser Finale?? They're all winners!!

And then there's my mileage which has slowed down somewhat due to the cold weather (we don't have Snow Days or Cold Days here) that we have to suck up and it got awfully cold, awfully fast. Today is -34 with the windchill which is damn cold. The kids likely won't have outdoor recess at school but I current mileage total is 72 miles. If the weather warms up a bit, I'm planning a nice long outdoor hike on Sunday to find a couple of geocaches!


Brooke said...

good job! :)

watching last night's show my hubs was like "doesn't this make you feel small. look how tiny she (rebecca) is and she's 15 pounds heavier than you!"

of course it doesn't - because i'm all like "well who knows how tall she is" etc...

but you're right we should be inspired by them!!

audrey @ the lewis 4 said...

Take the loss and smile! :)

Wow - 70+ miles? Awesome!

Christy - The Sisterhood said...

Tobey, .2 is something!!! It's not a gain, and it's better than maintaining! I only lost .4 this week, but I was so, so, so happy with it (because I totally indulged over the weekend and was expecting a gain!).

HOLY HELL. If it was that cold here, I think I'd never, ever get out of bed. Especially if I had a cat keeping me warm.

Stay warm, and have an AWESOME week, hooker!

april said...

That's great!

BL is SO inspiring!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loss! And oh my goodness, I couldn't live with that cold!