Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy New Year!

Isn't it? I mean its September and all, isn't it the beginning of a new year? Its not? Really? The kids have started school, our calendar is filling up, Girl Guides has started and so has my hubby's winter hockey...among many other things. Huh. Well whoever came up with the start of a new year in January obviously didn't have kids! Pretty soon I'll be on information overload and won't know whether I'm coming or going. Already I have one milk ticket order form, a book order form, Cross Country information, Service Learning projects and soon I will have Guide information aplenty.

So let's raise a glass of...uh, water (its time to cut those calories) and toast to the health and happiness of our families on this fine new year!


Q! said...

Better busy than bored I guess!

Scott said...

Shut up and make me a sammich! :P