Monday, March 2, 2009

Running on Empty! (there's a song in that somewhere)

Wow! March is an expensive month. I just finished registered the kids for swimming lessons and just last night I registered them both for soccer. I won't even get into the cost but suffice it to say my wallet is a little lighter today - or my VISA bill is heavier, you choose!

We normally only put the kids into 2 activities at a time and feel this is plenty so this spring soccer and swimming are the "chosen ones". And whilst I know these activities are important in a variety of ways, I can't help but already feel exhausted about the running around come May and June. Soccer will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...oh and some Sunday's. Soccer will be all consuming for this Mom, there's no doubt about that. Swimming is only once a week starting in April, thank the swimming Gods for that one. Sitting around on the field talking with other Mom's about the kids, planning Mom's nites out on the patio etc, is something I look forward too and enjoy. What I don't enjoy, however, are the mosquitoes, the wind and the rain which inevitably will come no matter what. And the get home at 5, shovel something into the gullet, run out the door to get somewhere by 6! Gah, its just insane and makes me crazy.

I know one thing for sure, I will be looking forward to the next few Sunday's when we don't have anywhere to go in the morning.

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