Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The DS Saga

"Mommy, everybody in my class has a DS but meeeee".

Sigh. I hear this often and have for the past few months and for the record, its not true. Yes most everybody she knows has a DS (Nintendo DS for those not in the know) but does that mean she has to have one?

I see kids everywhere with their heads down playing these silly machines and in some cases, that's all the kid does - not in all cases, but some. I've been reticient to buy her a DS for this specific purpose. That and the fact that its not exactly a cheap form of entertainment. Currently the system is going for $129-$139 and games run from $18 upwards of $60 in some cases! That's crazy and to be perfectly frank, I'm shocked at the ages of some kids I see hauling one of these things around. Kids younger than my son have them and he's 5. So what happens when it breaks or gets lost? Does Mom & Dad go around replacing it? That could get costly. And really, should a child that age be given something of such value into their possession? Not in my world but that's just me.

So her birthday is coming up at the end of this month. If she doesn't get a DS, does that make me a bad parent and does she resent me always for it? Or really, is it that big of a deal, money aside, that a 9 year old gets a DS which, I might add, she won't be allowed to take to daycare or school?

Chances are good she'll get one from her Grandparents which I guess, I'm okay with. I sort of feel in a way that we're "keeping up with the Jones'" but I also want to make my little girl happy. She doesn't get every little thing she asks for so I guess in this, I can suck it up and give in. And Gavin at his birthday? Uh huh, no way! He's only 6 after all...


Scott said...

Yes. It does make you a bad parent. You should buy her a DS and Gavin should get a PSP. And while you're at it, get them each an iPhone.
It should be noted that I am likely putting a DS on my birthday list.

T said...

Noted. But you are also not a 9 year old child and hopefully not succumbing to peer pressure.