Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do To

Sigh. There's just not enough time in the day sometimes. Here's a list of just a few of the things that I have going on these days. More for me than anything else. Calgon, take me away.
  • Dollarama - Must buy stuff for Teacher/Staff Appreciation next week (as well as some other things). Some items to purchase include, but not limited to: bowls, wooden back scratchers, goodies for my daughter's Valentine's goody bags for her classmates, prize for Bowling event Sunday....I reserve the right to amend this list as needed. Done
  • Go to bowling alley to confirm number of people attending event and discuss payment options.
  • PAC Agenda for meeting next Monday.
  • Put together last month's minutes for distribution at school. Done
  • Minutes from Review Meeting this past Monday need to be sent in to the Committee Chair.
  • Campbell's soup labels - must submit the label deposit form and sort through the zillion labels I have sitting at home. If anybody wants to donate Campbell's soup labels, I'm your (Wo)Man. Send them to me.
  • MBGA meeting next Tuesday.
  • Saturday: bowling, 2 playdates, company over Saturday nite. (Woot, games nite)
  • Sunday: McDonald's, playdate, bowling and errands for Staff Week (re: balloon bouquet, yogurt sundae goodies, and flowers to be purchased)
  • Pack up my iPod to send back for repair. Done
  • Next Thurs: get my passport, volunteer at school, drive 'rents to airport.
  • Friday: take car in for service (which reminds me, I need to phone the dealer) and mebbe cache in the afternoon!
  • Phone Round Table re: MBGA birthday nite Done and booked.
  • Submit listing for MBGA birthday nite
  • Geocaching interview tomorrow! Done
  • Yay for going out with a friend tomorrow nite! Instead of an oreo shake, I might need a margarita. Done
  • Research "Modern Canadian Inventions" for Tana's Brownie badge and plan scavenger hunt around learning about it. Her and a friend, not me. The learning, that is.

And by doing this, I just added another item to my To Do List. Sigh.

See ya on the flip side!

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